I have had various kindsa experiences wit the BMTC.

For example today, i took a bus from forum and changed buses at shivajinagar to home. See i started walkin up to forum and takin the bus bcos it was a good exercise. Now my pass (which i bought six months back) says tavarekere main road to home wit place of exchange as mayo hall. i had written shivajinagar but the idiot at the counter said i hav to write the place of exchange as mayo hall. Now the buses that come via forum do not touch mayo hall as it used to bcos the St.Josephs rd one way has been reversed. So today wen i showed my pass at in the bus from shivajinagar, that guy was like u need to buy a ticket and i had an arguement wit him. i tried explainin but i wud switch between broken kannada and english which pissed him off bcos he doesn kno simple english words like change. finally he says- i cant understand ur kannada!

I was so mad at BMTC!

But ther hav been ok experiences too. Like once my frnd and i wer gettin home in the bus and we had to sit in the seat that is near the gear box. And eventually wen i asked a ques bout the route, the driver started chattin us up! Snooty as we are we gave stilted and monosyllabic answers and/or a smile. Finally the guy looks at me and asks me – are you from mangalore? your kannada sounds like mangalorean kannada, to which i was quick to reply – “illa bengaluru dindhane.”

Nope i am not a mangalorean tho kelsoke nanna kannada manguluru kannada thara ne idhe (hope i got that rite!). Naanu huttu beladirodhu bangaluru nalli. hee hee… Naanu bengaluru hudugi!

But one of the fun experiences on a BMTC bus had to be:

I was standing near the ladies entrance (yes BMTC buses hav seperate entrances for men n women) and i saw the conductor and a girl standing at the entrance and flirting!hee hee…she looked like a college girl. I couldnt help but overhear them talk and they wer flirtin and teasin each other…he finally asked her for her phone no.!!ha ha ha….. i had this huge grin on my face!

Oh but the best experiences have to be, when my frnds and i used to travel to MCC by bus. My friend auto-rani (we used to call her that because wen we were too tired or late or didn get a bus she was the first to suggest we take an auto) as a policy wud not step into a crowded bus. so we invariably did not take the 8 o clock bus (that ensured we got to college in time for the 9 o clock class) and took the 8.30 thereby missin the first hour. We used to sit in the bus and jus talk…its amazin how much we had to talk bout considerin we had met jus the previous day! We’d go nutty and laf at dumb jokes!

In the evening we took a bus from MCC to Cantt railway station bus stop and then to shivajinagar. If we had extra money we would drink ‘masala majige’ or sweet lassi or the vanilla ice cream at the nandini stall. We were a group of 5 or 6 girls. At shivajiagar we wud take r respective buses back home. I had two friends wit me on my way home. We would jus before goin home, stop at the DRDO complex (if v hadn spent money at nandini kiosk) and buy a samosa and sit on the benches and eat. We would sit ther from 5 to 6 or 6.30. And if we had extra cash we wud buy a huge apple cake and hav by-three cake or a by-three apple juice.

hee hee….also reminds me, i was nestle’s best customer!!hee hee…i loved chocostick (cos it tasted a lot like nutella). I used to consume like two or three of em everyday!In first year i was known for my chocostick craze…Man i was so bummed wen they stopped making it. I tried the cadbury version but hated it.

Mmmm funny how one event can trigger a montage of memories….


~ by tia on January 5, 2007.

4 Responses to “BMTC!”

  1. There is a Shivajinagar in Bangy? For a second, I was pleased to find another blogger from Pune. I have known very very few people from Pune who blog. Sadly, you are another one from Bangy.

    LOL, Happy New Year. I came here from Di’s blog. What was your new year’s eve like?


  2. * Peace with guns
    Yeah ther is a bus depot called shivajinagar…hey, blore rocks da…v hav THE best rock bands in India.and v r hip to the bloggin styles!
    Thanx!oh new years was chill, sucked for me, cos three plans broke unexpectedly and i wasn ready to go to brigades to b felt up by random guys….

  3. Banglore SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!! GO NY GO NY GOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

    All I saw in Blore was lal bag, and that was gay.

    Oh so u stare at men and woman on buses now? Evolving from mothers and daughters? 😀

  4. *Blah
    ha ha ha…its not a bag that is red u dodo, its lal bagh; bagh=garden…
    honey nobody showed u bangalore the way i show it 😉
    u need the rite person to enjoy the place…and hav u ever been to any other place in NY other than long island??? 😀
    oh so funny eh??zoke eh??

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