Yesterday my best friend called me up to wish me for the new year. And as usual we started a debate and arguement. It eventually led to the topic of faith and God. See my friend has the strongest faith in God and believes that this life is a preparation for the next. Well me bein me – an atheist, and quite a stoic one too, wanted to break all the arguements she put forward. I told her that she was bout one percent of the population that believed in concepts like afterlife and faith no matter wat the circumstances. All the while i was holding my own, till she threw this question at me – ‘are the rest 99% as happy as i am?’ Jus for arguement sake i said yes, some are…but i knew they all weren.

She is not a saint or a sadhu. But she is happy.Is it bcos she is not ambitious? i don kno. i’m not sure.

Does this mean religion is the only way out to happiness? Or r v so misguided to use religion cos it in reality drugs us to insensitivity, so that we don see life’s reality?

I love Eliot’s poetry. From J Alfred Prufrock to the play, The Cocktail Party. In the Cocktail Party he talks about how when we see the reality of life we cant go back to pretending the way we used to. The play reflects a bit of the Hindu philosophy of maya as also seen in the Matrix.

It takes a lot to have complete faith in whatever – be it God or ourselves or our beliefs. Maybe Howard Roarks are hard to find but i think they do exist.

The twist in the tale here is that u cud also go the other way and hav faith in the wrong things. But wat is wrong or right? Todays wrong is tommorow’s right. Unless we shatter myths we as a society wont move ahead. But does that mean wat we have believed as wrong universally and for ages will be right tomorrow? For example Satan has been considered bad or wrong, will he be considered right tomorrow? will rape be considered right tomorrow? Where is the limit and who draws the line? funnily, Judas is considered a good person cos helped Christ achieved wat he was born for….


~ by tia on January 2, 2007.

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  1. Faith. Religion. Ayn Rand. A very Marx-ian (not Marxist, and Karl not Groucho) observation [religion is the opium of the masses, and all that]. Satan. Rape. Judas. Atheism. Elliot. Prufrock. Maya and the Matrix. All in one post! A heady mix.

    And a post title called ‘Faith’ so that when you move your mouse over the Comment link, the text reads ‘Comment on Faith’ which this humble typer can only dream of.

    Nonetheless, a comment has been made. It’s all part of “life or something like that” i guess

  2. *Shenoy
    Welcome to my other world, Shenoy! How did u kno??wher did i slip up??hee hee…
    Hmm any poison is effective only wen taken in large doses, so are medicnes…
    I believe ther is a response to faith now.
    And it is another life altogether..mmm more like a transition from one life to another.

  3. *Tia
    Where to start?
    First of all, I know not who you are. Only that life-or-something-like-that, eye of the oracle (both of which have since gone offline; a serious attempt at erasing the past?) and sushieparlour belong to the same person.
    Now where did you slip up you asked?

    #1: The last, goodbye post (on life) and the first, intro post (on sushieparlour) both feature Victoria Frances’ Echo of Death. Can’t be coincidence.

    #2: Comments on wishicudrite led me to life-or-something. Comments on theBekku led me to shusieparlour. Now, theBekku is not that famous (maligned rather) that people just stumble on it. Put 2 and 2 together, and I got 23 🙂 Also, the poetry connection was very strong, which leads me to….

    #3: The post Faith glowingly talks about Elliot’s The Cocktail Party. Equally glowing about it was a post on life-or-something. See?! People actually pay attention to what they read.

    #4: And, of course, the whole punny wordplay (clever, eh?) : sush, sushie, so on, so fourth 🙂

    And I’ll stop at that. Enough I guess.

    Oh yes. As far as poisons and medicines are concerned. If it’s the end that matters, and not so much the means, then there are more ways to kill or die than poison. Poison is probably the easiest way out. And not all ailments can be cured by medicines, in doses large, small or medium. If the wrong medicine kills, is it not poison then?

    Guess, it’s about what one wants and his priorities thereof.

    And if Faith was supposed to be unreserved and absolute. It is. But take this into account : “Skepticism is the beginning of faith.” Oscar Wilde

  4. *shenoy
    i meant how did u kno its the same person…and u hav answered that question.
    ok mr.holmes u got me!!
    hmmm of course u do realize:
    #1 my friend/sis sush and i both love the art work
    #2 i put my frnd/sis link by mistake or jus so that i can comment without any problems
    and maybe people are more aware of bekkus works and are flockin to read em!
    #3 hee hee thanx for payin attention 🙂 (u mus b the only one who does that!) but we did study cocktail party in second year of undergrads so ther is a possiblity of both of us likin it
    #4 hmm i cud like sushi but don wanna spell it the conventional way thus sushie
    hee hee…

    i guess u can cure thru multiple strong doses till the person is cured or dies…and poison, well one mans poison is another mans meat, to use a cliche…
    is it really only the end that matters and not the journey too?

    hmm that is true.u get closer to god wen u start askin ques bout him….


  5. Testing one two three

  6. Oh look, I don’t have to register, its is the great BLAH here, I’m pretty sure you know who I am, :D. Think of greatness, brilliance, and you shall think of me, MUAHAHHA.

    Anyway, what the hell? So are u happy or not happy with faith?

    And oh look, u have ur own personal stalker, how cute, :D, I’m just playin buddy, no need to introduce me to viruses.

  7. *blah
    alrite whos responsible for this one???lol

    Satan, is that u???that shuda scared u stiff!!lol
    all im tryin to say here is that i don hav faith as strong as my frnd’s. besides im wonderin whether ther is an alternative to faith that gives the same amt of happiness and satisfaction.

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