Today the CAT results came out. Brought back lotsa memories…and regrets.

Why regrets? Cos if i had had my way i wouldve worked for a few years (read two) and written my CAT. Also if i had my way, with one week away for my b’day i wudnt feel crushed cos i hav jus one more year of freedom before, well exchanging the vow of silence and vow of dominance (marriage). No folks, there is no scope for love or a down-on-one-knee proposal.

Cos if i had my way id have someone backin me up in all my glorious plans that i had made for myself. Instead im doin a masters i hate and hate myself for the mistakes i made (read taking arts in High school and college and not accepting admissions in good colleges cos they offered only HR or they weren good enuf for me).

I guess i kept thinkin i hav time left and when i realised ther wasn, it was too late. Somewhere down the line i stopped fitin

circumstances and was domisticated.


Heres somethin for you guys to think about: When you have kids or if u have younger or brother or sis,  let them decide their future. Don’t ever underestimate them.  You might not like what they have planned but compromise with them. Like if they wanna b a rock star (!) or somethin guide them to taking a good graduation before they can pursue what they want…thats ok…but dont ever think they are too dumb to achieve anything. Give them wings to fly.


Well this hellcat has been domesticated….



~ by tia on January 2, 2007.

6 Responses to “Domesticated!”

  1. I dunno if this is a private blog not meant to be intruded into, but I blog hopped my way in.

    I understand what you said about studies. Fresh after graduating, I put off further studies thinking that I had time on my side. Now suddenly, I find myself still buying time while all my peers are done with their studies and are ready to take on the world.

    The only difference is that being a guy, marriage isn’t a worry for me for some time.

  2. *Ullas
    this is a public blog 🙂
    That is so true..sometimes we tend to get lazy bout gettin back to studying. But kno wat if u truly like studying for wat it entails probably a better status and job ud really push urself to studyin.
    For me if i need a good shot at MBA experience definitely helps. But no time for that!
    he ehee yeah the cut off for guys isn as soon as its if for girls!

  3. its so true that people must let kids(or even adults) know that they cud be watver they want to(as long as its legal;)) ..but seriously trying to brush off a childs dreams must be deemed crimianl.. :-/

  4. *Di
    so true di..but indian society which gives so much impetus on succeess dont let the kids grow up…

  5. Awwww we got her boys, all clear!!!! 😀

    I think yeah, kids should be given a chance to follow their dreams (unless they are my kids, then they shall STRICTLY follow my rules, :D, nah just playing).

    Aaaaw u gettin married?

    Like that song Collide, even the best fall down sometimes, even the stars refuse to shine…

    I actually have no clue how that is relavent here, but I just felt like singing that, 😀

  6. *blah
    hee hee…oooof!:D
    no da…wher in this blogpost, hav i said im gettin married now? damn it i shudve put a PG rating for this blog!! 😀
    i realise, i realise, the lack of relevance….

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